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Property for sale in Khon Kaen

13/06/2009 - Khon Kaen Homes

Khon Kaen Khon Kaen Thailand House for sale, with 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms only 184,085 EUR . Size of House is 335 sq m this listing by Khon Kaen Homes on 13 June 2009. Quote ref. HUGE HOUSE. Its all yours Downstairs One of the 3 Bedrooms Large size Room for a Pool here Thai Kitchen and Laundry here

House in Khon Kaen Khon Kaen, Thailand

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Property for sale in Khon Kaen Property for sale in Khon Kaen
Property for sale in Khon Kaen
Property for sale in Khon Kaen
Property for sale in Khon Kaen
Property for sale in Khon Kaen
Property for sale in Khon Kaen
Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 5 Size: 335 sq m
Price: 184,085 EUR

(EUROS) € 184,085
(GBP) £ 160,651
(US) $ 262,579
Finance this property from 547.66 EUR (€ 547.66/ £ 477.94/ $ 781.18) per month - see our Thailand mortgages info

House Description

  • Large Quality House in Khon Kaen's best E-State

Large open plan house 3 Bed 5 bath 2 Kitchens
Solid Hardwood floors up stairs Quality tiles down stairs

This house is Huge very large living area Up stairs & down
3 Bedrooms all with En Suite's
5 bathrooms thoughout

Solid Hardwood Floors up-stairs
Quality tiles downstairs

All fitting are of a very high standard

The house has 2 Kitchens Western & Thai

Also has a couple of big Balconies upstairs you could sit out there and have your Breakfast

The Garage is detached from the house
with ample parking for 2 cars inside

Out side is large lawn for the kids to run around on

The house has a very nice feel about it
A very quiet part of town

The house is situated at the bottom of the lake inside Piman Chol 2

The land area is 198 Wah (792 sqm)
& House size is 335 sqm

Give me a call and Ill show it to you

Price is 8,893,000 THB

Please call Gary +66 (0) 800 965 625

Have you lost a fair chunk of your Savings during this World Financial Crisis
You Have OK
Well come and live in the Beautiful city of Khon Kaen Thailand
The cost of living here is small
The cost in Housing are small
So your money you have left will go much further over here & the climate is to die for always warm very little wind and the food WOW

The Future Importance of the East West Corridor

With the opening of the bridge over the Mekong at Muhkdaharn in 2007, Thailand completed it initial stage of the evolving super highway that will eventually run from Da Nang in Vietnam to port city south of Yangon in Myanmar. This road will be known as the East-West Corridor and is a major part of the infrastructure development program by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). After the 1997 currency crisis ASEAN planners realized that inter Asian trade was potentially more important than trade by any one ASEAN member with USA, Japan, Europe or China, but that this potential was significantly handicapped by lack of infrastructure within the region. So efforts are being undertaken to improve ports, highways and rail systems. The standard gauge rail width was adopted by all 10 ASEAN countries and a new line will eventually run from China down the Vietnamese efast coast with major links across Cambodia into Khon Kaen in the center and into Bangkok in the upper south.
Already Vietnam is almost finished their section of the East-West Corridor and Cambodia is well advanced. Within 3 years a journey from Khon Kaen to Da Nang, which today takes 12 hours, will only take 8 hours. Eventually that trip will be possible in 5 – 6 hours as compared to the time required to go from Khon Kaen to Bangkok of 4 -5 hours today.
The 3 major Thai cities along the new froute are Muhkdaharn, Khon Kaen and Pisanulok. The planners have specified that Muhkdaharn shall be developed as an infternational trading port, Khon Kaen as the administrative and logistical center and Pisanulok with assume the role as the Agricultural distribution center. Khon Kaen’s importance flows from it being the geographic center of South East Asia. It is the point where the East-West Corridor crosses the existing super highway that runs from Singapore in the South to Vientienne at Laos in the North. Within the next 5 years this highway will be extended into Yunnan China to give access to China’s central western region.
The planner realize that the 2 most populated countries in world and the same 2 whose level of trade is increasing the most, India and China, can not access each other’s markets directly because of the Himalayan mountain barrier. So their trade must for the next 150 years travel down these important highways to Khon Kaen. From there the goods can be diverted to all South East Asia as well as the Pacific and Indian Ocean countries.

Dr. John Nigel-brownlee, the Managing Director of Lexens (Thailand) Co., Ltd., has been lecturing on the strategic importance of these developments at universities in Khon Kaen and in Bangkok for the past 10 years. His estimates are that the city of Khon Kaen will within the next 20 year increase from the current 350,000 people to 750,000 people. This, he advises, will require major investments in power, water, sewerage and transportation. There will be an increasing demand for construction labor and for service support. New industries – especially logistic management, transportation, container handling and all such related industries will evolve. As the population increases hotel and accommodation and support services such as hospital restaurants and entertainment must increase. Land values will rise, farmers will sell small uneconomical holdings and come into town where work will be readily available, and there will be a major influx of Indians and Chinese merchants who move to Khon Kaen in order to look after this end of the new trade routes.
Since English is the universal business language common to both the Indians and the Chinese, those firms or employees who have mastered that language will be well positioned to benefit from these changes. Companies who have built partnership or joint venture relationships with foreign entities will have access to the capital and staff that will be required to exploit the opportunities that these changes will bring.
Dr John warns that the businesses which fail to anticipate the many changes he foresees will not survive, as their competitors will be able to dominate their markets and exploit the opportunities that are to occur.
In Pisanulok changes in the areas of green house management, irrigation distribution, organic framing and flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables and perishable produce distribution will undergo massive changes. Each activity will be capital intensive. So he warns that firms should be preparing now if they intend to benefit from such opportunities and avoid such risks.

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Khon Kaen Homes

Khon Kaen Homes
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Thailand Mortgages: Example for REF HUGE HOUSE

( House in Khon Kaen Khon Kaen, Thailand )

Interest only mortgage

Example APR = 5.1 %
Example Mortgage Term = 30 years
30% Deposit = 55,226 EUR
70 % Financed = 128,860 EUR
Monthly mortgage repayment = 547.66 EUR (€ 547.66/ £ 477.94/ $ 781.18)

Capital repayment mortgage:

Example APR = 5.1 %
Example Mortgage Term = 30 years
30% Deposit = 55,226 EUR
70 % Financed = 128,860 EUR
Monthly mortgage repayment = 699.65 EUR (€ 699.65/ £ 610.58/ $ 997.98)
Correct as at 09 February 2016


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